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Bear and Other Wildlife Monitoring








Bear Scare’s Bear Monitoring Services focus on non-lethal management, using Aversive Conditioning, a trusted wildlife management technique for over 40 years which:

Other Wildlife monitoring takes bear monitoring and expands the basic concepts to include other wild animals such as cougars, wolves, coyotes and large ungulates (moose, elk, caribou, etc.) As with bear monitoring, non-lethal methods are the first and preferred course of action, including aversion techniques, noise and visual deterrents, and portable electric fencing. Lethal force is used only as a last resort when there is an imminent threat to human safety and no other options are available.

Bear Scare staff is highly trained and experienced in human/wildlife conflict situations. In each case, our Professional Monitors endeavor to resolve conflicts in a non-lethal manner, to preserve the safety of humans, bears and property.

Wildlife Specialists

Having experts familiar with wild animal management on staff in your organization is not always possible. If you are expecting, or currently experiencing safety issues from increased human / wildlife conflicts, aggressive or annoying wildlife, Bear Scare can help. Bear Scare has well-trained staff with specific expertise in the best practices for managing wildlife intrusions in your community or on your remote work location. Our Wildlife Specialists use non-lethal means to manage incursions, as much as possible, and know how to reduce wildlife incidents through client education.

If you need to reduce risk exposure from wild creature encounters, call Bear Scare to learn how our Wildlife Specialists can provide proven strategies for minimizing the risk and keeping both humans and wildlife safer.

Nuisance Wildlife Specialists

Bear Scare has experts in management, trapping, relocation and impacts from nuisance wildlife such as beavers.  Our Nuisance Wildlife Specialists employ humane tools and techniques to deal with these instances.  With a focus on prevention or recurrence, we include dam destruction to discourage new beaver tenants from taking up residence. Through employing our techniques, we discourage the drive to build lodges and dams that often create flooding problems which can damage forests, drainage infrastructure, food crops, human dwellings and even put other wildlife at risk.


To learn more or to arrange to book services, call 780-717-0139 or use our contact email form.

Working with Dan LeGrandeur and Bear Scare Ltd. was an eye-opening experience for me. In 2011 we literally experienced a 'bear invasion' at our work camps in northern Alberta. More than 20 black bear visits were reported to our Environmental Department during a two-month period ... we needed swift action to protect our staff, clients and customers. In a short period of time, Dan made it happen. Using non-lethal techniques, he and his colleagues managed to deter more than 15 black bears from our camps (while) providing valuable training and advice to our front line workers. Thank you Dan!

~ Taras Senyuta, Environmental Manager PTI Group Inc., Edmonton

The Bear Scare Awareness Training was extremely informative and more than enjoyable to be part of. The situational videos give you a better picture of how to deal with wildlife properly. Dan's training give you more than the necessary tools for assessing any given situation while working in Alberta bear country. I recommend it to anyone considering any wildlife awareness training.

~ Russ Jackson, Supervisor - Lodge Safety Noralta Lodge Ltd., Nisku

Bear Scare Ltd. provides some of the best wildlife training in the industry. With reliable and comprehensive training, Bear Scare Ltd. is the best choice for all wildlife training courses.

~ Kai Rasporich ConocoPhillips

Being a Health, Safety and Environmental professional, I was tasked to find a solution for the increasing number of bear encounters our field staff were having. This is when I had the pleasure of being introduced to Dan and his non-lethal deterrent approach to effective bear management. I had what I thought was some good experience with bears, but Dan completely changed the way I thought about bear management. His experience and enthusiasm showed as he walked us through what we had to do immediately and long term to help ... decrease encounters. Dan was able to assist with an assessment of our locations, producing detailed recommendations we were able to put into action. He also provided direct, non-lethal bear management techniques. Basically, he helped the bears understand where not to go. I guess you could say that Dan educated both us and the bears. To watch him work is amazing. In my books, he's the Bear Whisperer.

~ Jason O'Donnell HSE Works, Inc.

The information and education presented by Bear Scare Ltd. has been an invaluable asset in assisting the Oil Sands Developers Group and its membership in their efforts to become Bear Smart. Companies presenting at the workshops often refer to the guidance received by Dan LeGrandeur helping them successfully reduce bear/human interactions. We look forward to working together again in the future.

~ Carol Christian Oil Sands Developers Group